201 Best Christmas Blog Post Ideas For Every Blogging Niche

As a blogger, you know how difficult it is to create new and interesting content, day in and day out. With changing algorithms and the recent popularity of long-form content, it’s the hardest it has ever been. When you need to post regularly but still want to maintain quality, you have to learn the tricks of the trade. And seasonal posts are one such strategy. Our bumper list of Christmas blog post ideas is here to make your holiday blog planning so much easier!

What are seasonal blog posts and why are they important? 

For the most part evergreen content is all you’ll hear people talk about. And for good reason. It ranks better and it never gets outdated. But those types of posts take a lot of time and research. And in this fast-paced online world, you can’t afford to go that route while maintaining high-quality daily posts. That’s where seasonal content comes in.

Simply put, these are articles relevant to the current moment, whether that’s a specific season, holiday, or event. So “best summer sunscreens for 2021”, “top Mother’s Day presents,” and “Christmas blog posts” are all seasonal posts. They will draw vast amounts of traffic to your site while they’re relevant, and if done right, at least some of those visitors will convert into permanent readers and subscribers.

Planning Your Seasonal Content

When we say done right, we mean exactly that. You need to meticulously plan your seasonal content, and make sure the topics are relevant to your niche in a way that will ensure that ripple effect. Top of the list in this category is Christmas Blogging because it guarantees you a huge audience for one month every year. More than that it lets you target potential buyers looking to shop at Christmas time.

This extensive collection of 201 Christmas blogging ideas will help beginner and experienced bloggers create content that hits their target demographic. Then, all you need to do is update and revise it every year, and your reach improves with every passing year. Blogging is an art form, and with the proper tools for data and analysis, you can perfect your craft.

We’ve divided our top Christmas blogging ideas into eight niche types:

1. Lifestyle Bloggers

201 Best Christmas Blog Post Ideas For Every Blogging Niche

Lifestyle blogging is an extremely competitive niche with a lot of subtypes. From luxury lifestyles to travel blogs, and natural living to parenting blogs, people want content that helps them in their day-to-day routine. That’s what lifestyle blogging does and why it’s so popular. 

What makes Christmas Blogging so great is that it is a goldmine for fun holiday blog post ideas. It can easily fit into any sub-niche because of the nature of the holiday, and if you can help people create that holiday spirit, you’re good to go. The top 25 Christmas blog/article ideas in the lifestyle niche include:

  1. Favorite Family Time Christmas Movies
  2. Top Budget Christmas Gift Lists
  3. Best Places To Shop Christmas Gifts
  4. The Sites With The Best Christmas Deals
  5. Christmas Shopping For Colleagues
  6. DIY Christmas Decorating Blogs
  7. Christmas Gift Unboxing
  8. How To Organize Your Christmas Shopping List
  9. Best Christmas Shopping Ideas
  10. Games Options For Festive Trivia Night
  11. Christmas Toast Ideas
  12. Best Christmas Card Photo Ideas
  13. How To Plan A Christmas Party
  14. Charities To Donate To At Christmas
  15. Best Christmas Songs Of All Time
  16. Top Holiday Planners & Organizers
  17. Holiday To-Do Lists
  18. Indoor Christmas Decor Ideas
  19. Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas
  20. Handmade Gift Tutorials
  21. Best Christmas Wreaths
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And don’t forget, Christmas time is also a time of reflection for many people. It’s the end of the year, and many readers are struggling with the loss of family members, relationship troubles, and other issues in their personal lives. Posts that give them a way to reinvent themselves and start fresh can help a lot of people and give them renewed hope. So, some of the topics lifestyle blogs could explore include:

  1. December Bucket Lists
  2. New Year’s Resolutions

And also more personal topics like:

  1. How To Cope With Loss
  2. Coping With Anxiety At Christmas

There is no trick to picking the right topic except by knowing your readers and their needs. When you are aware of what your audience is looking for, you can help them find it and create valuable content for your site. And if your first attempt doesn’t hit, there’s always next year.

2. Food Bloggers

When it comes to Christmas, food is on everyone’s minds. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having a small get-together a huge party, a family dinner, or an office Christmas bash; good food is the cornerstone of the holiday spirit.

And if you’re running a food blog, this is your time to shine. By carefully catering to this massive audience, you can really grow your blog and capitalize on that end-of-year momentum to propel you into the new year.

These food blog post ideas cover all the top searches from people around Christmas time. 

Christmas dinners, desserts, and entrees. Let’s get started.

  1. Best Christmas Dinner Menus
  2. How To Make Your Own Eggnog
  3. Finger Food For Your Office Christmas Party
  4. Easy To Make Desserts This Christmas
  5. Traditional Christmas Cake Recipes
  6. Healthy Christmas Recipes
  7. Christmas Cookies Ideas
  8. What To Do With Christmas Leftovers
  9. How To Cut Down On Christmas Food Waste
  10. Christmas Recipes For Vegans
  11. Restaurants Open On Christmas Day
  12. Christmas Themed Cocktail Recipes
  13. Planning A Menu For A Christmas Party
  14. Kids Food Ideas For Christmas
  15. Easy To Make Winter Treats
  16. Dinner Options You Can Make Quick
  17. Allergy-Friendly Christmas Menus 
  18. Favourite Baked Goods For Christmas
  19. Holiday Dishes From Around The World

Everyone wants to try out new and extravagant recipes at Christmas time. But what happens after Thanksgiving and Christmas are over?

Statistics show that the weeks following the holiday season, towards the end of December and the beginning of January, are when most readers are looking to try diets and meal plans. 

As a food blogger, you shouldn’t focus simply on what people can make on Christmas but also cater to their needs after the holiday season is over. That means your seasonal posts should include topics like:

  1. Post-Christmas Weight Loss – Foods To Avoid
  2. Low Calories Recipes To Reverse Holiday Weight Gain
  3. Post-Christmas Detox Diet Plan
  4. Easy To Make Vegan Meal Plan
  5. Paleo Diet Meal Plan For Beginners
  6. Gluten-Free Diet Plan

3. Fashion Bloggers

Holidays are a huge content opportunity for fashion blogs. There are a lot of different parties and social settings that revolve around Christmas time. From formal to informal, home to office, compiling season-specific lists can be really helpful for your readers. When it comes to fashion Christmas blog ideas here are a few topics you can explore.

  1. Cute Christmas Sweater Designs
  2. Christmas Outfit Ideas For Work Events
  3. Ugly Sweaters For Christmas
  4. Stylish Boots To Wear With Your Holiday Outfit
  5. Festive Christmas Makeup Ideas
  6. Semi-Formal Dresses For An Office Christmas Party
  7. Best Budget Christmas Dresses
  8. How To Style Your Holiday Outfits
  9. Cozy Christmas Outfits For Your Family Dinner
  10. Dressing Up On A Budget
  11. Gifts For Your Loved Ones
  12. Christmas PJs To Add To Your Collection
  13. Popular Christmas Trends From Past Years
  14. Current Fashion Trends Going Into The New Year
  15. Matching Outfits For Your Family
  16. Christmas Clothes For Kids
  17. Holiday Accessories That Can Uplift Your Outfit
  18. Perfect Jackets To Wear In The Snow
  19. Coats To Keep You Warm This Christmas
  20. Winter Wardrobe Essentials
  21. What To Wear To A Christmas Party
  22. How To Style A Classic Little Black Dress For Christmas
  23. Best Christmas Jewellery Collection
  24. Christmas Sales Haul Unpacking
  25. Best Online Clothing Discounts 

4. Beauty Bloggers

While it may seem like there’s nothing for beauty bloggers to cover in the Christmas niche, that’s far from the truth. After all, the goal isn’t to write a blog about Christmas but rather to cater to the general needs of people at this time of the year. That means you can pull out all the glam content you were saving and put those “natural makeup” tutorials on hold.

Also, keep in mind that its wintertime which has a significant impact on people’s skin and hair. Content on how they can look their best in the wintertime will gain popularity with your audience. 

  1. Festive Makeup Looks That Are A Must Try This Holiday Season
  2. Trending Eyeshadow Looks For Christmas
  3. Best Updos For Your Christmas Party
  4. Gift Sets For Makeup Lovers 
  5. Best Makeup Deals This Winter
  6. Christmas Haul Unpacking
  7. Top Winter Product Reviews
  8. Festive Daytime Makeup Looks
  9. Glam Nighttime Makeup Looks
  10. Handbag Essentials For A Night Out
  11. Cute Christmas Nail Art Designs
  12. Best Lipsticks For Christmas
  13. Top Discount Eyeshadow Pallets
  14. Affordable Makeup Brush Sets
  15. Best Christmas Fragrances
  16. Scented Candles For Your Loved Ones
  17. Celebrity Holiday Makeup Looks
  18. Skincare Routines To Follow This Winter
  19. Sleek HairDos For An Office Party
  20. Christmas Beauty Wishlists
  21. Where To Shop On Christmas
  22. Best Winter Moisturizers For Dry Skin
  23. How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin
  24. Cleaning Out Your Makeup Draws
  25. How To Donate Your Makeup And Hair Products

5. Personal Finance Bloggers

The personal finance niche is broad, to say the least. There’s a lot of ground to cover and dozens of sub-niches for bloggers.

But when it comes to the holiday season, most people are looking for information on how to save money. That can mean spending less money, finding low-cost gift options, and prioritizing what you’re buying.

  1. How to stick to a budget?
  2. How to make a personal budget for the holiday season?
  3. Best Christmas Sales To Buy Gifts
  4. Guide To Reducing Costs This Holiday Season
  5. Best After-Christmas Sales For Smart Buyers
  6. Smart Shopping For The Entire Family
  7. Guide To Using Coupons Christmas Shopping
  8. Complete Guide To Saving Money During Christmas Sales
  9.  Eco-friendly Gift Options
  10.  Save Money On Wrapping Gifts
  11.  How To Save On Your Christmas Shopping
  12.  Homemade Gift Options To Save Money
  13.  Cutting Corners On Christmas Decorations
  14.  Wholesale Christmas Gifts
  15.  Cheap Bulk Holiday Gifts

The month of December is filled with moments where you’ll need to give gifts to your friends, family, and colleagues. Content that divides solid gift options into categories by price range or receiver is something many people will appreciate at Christmas time. That can include titles like:

  1. Christmas Gift Options Under £20/$20
  2. Festive Gift Options Under £50/$50
  3. Holiday Gift Options Under £80/$80

Or even, targeting articles to help people find gifts for specific people. Because if you use the sales and discounts smartly you can actually get your family items they really need. This covers the aspect of gifts and also helps you collectively save money later. Secret Santa sounds fun, but asking people what they need is a financially savvy route.

  1.  The Best Useful Christmas Gifts
  2.  Affordable Gifts For Colleagues
  3.  Toy Alternatives For Kids
  4.  Makeup Clearance Sales
  5.  Christmas Sales and Coupons 
  6.  Amazing Christmas Gifts On A Budget
  7.  How To Make The Best Of Black Friday Sales

6. Interior design, Decor Bloggers

Christmas decor blog posts can do really well on interior design blogs because people are looking for ways to spruce up their homes and save money doing it. So having a number of holiday decor-themed posts is a great idea. Some of the types of blog posts you can consider are:

  1. Popular 2021 Christmas Decor Themes
  2. Best Scented Candles And Fragrances
  3. Kid-Friendly Decor Options
  4. Decoration Tips To Make Your Fireplace Sparkle 
  5. The Art of Upscaling Your Old Christmas Decor
  6. The DIY Christmas Hamper
  7. Best Christmas Stocking Ideas
  8. Christmas Tree Reveal
  9. Craft Ideas For Personalized Baubles
  10. Top Templates for Christmas Cards
  11. Office Styling Ideas With Miniature Christmas Trees
  12. Get A Head Start With Your 2022 Calendar
  13. Make Your Room Magical With Fairy Lighting
  14. Top 10 Designs For Customized Christmas Wreaths
  15. How To Hand Paint Festive Sofa Cushions
  16. Thrifty Decor For The Holiday Season
  17. Spending Christmas In Simplistic Style
  18. 10 Inspiring Ideas For Your Christmas Dinner Table Decor
  19. DIY Christmas Stockings To Die For

The center of all things Christmas is the Christmas Tree.

People are so engrossed in their day-to-day lives that they keep putting off their Christmas tree decor to the last minute. 

A blog post with innovative and interesting ideas to bring that Christmas Tree to life is a sure win. Be sure to get creative on these posts:

  1. Design Your Rustic & Minimalist Christmas Tree
  2. Top Tips To Pick Perfection For Your Christmas Tree
  3. How To Design The Perfect Whimsical, Wintry Whites
  4. The Traditional Meets Modern Christmas Tree Decor
  5. Setting Up The Perfect Christmas Tree
  6. How To Bring Together The Traditional Red & Gold Christmas Tree 

7. Family, Parenting & Mom Bloggers

Christmas is all about family, and there are many moms out there looking for advice on how to make this Christmas the best ever for their families.

The family, parenting & mom blog posts are likely to get traffic from moms looking for Christmas recipes, family games, gift ideas, home decor, and much more. Some of the all-time favorite Christmas blog ideas for family & mom blogs are:

  1. The Best Party Games For a Family Christmas Party
  2. DIY Decor For Your Gingerbread House
  3. Top 10 Ideas To Keep Your Kids Entertained During The Holiday Season
  4. Easy To Make Christmas Tree Decorations For Kids
  5. Design Your Family’s Holiday Bucket List
  6. Fun Activities For Kids When It Snows
  7. How To Plan The Perfect Christmas Activities For Children
  8. 10 Festive Party Games For The Family
  9. Top 20 DIY Fun Christmas Crafts For Children
  10. Easy Peasy Decorations Ideas Even Your Children Can Make
  11. Paper Tree Crafts For Your Christmas Tree
  12. How To Teach Your Children To Paint in 10 Days
  13. DIY Craft Projects for Toddlers For The Winter 
  14. Top Tips To Keep Your Children Entertained During Christmas Season
  15. Best Christmas Food Recipes
  16. Child Proof Your House For The Holiday Season
  17. Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Christmas Presents
  18. Staying Fit During The Holiday Season
  19. Healthy Snacks For Your Christmas Party

While some families are great at getting the right gifts, most are not. So many people turn to blogs for ideas about Christmas gifts for their family members, especially their children and spouses. In your family & mom blog, you could write about recommended presents for various people:

  1. 10 Gift Ideas Your Mom Will Love
  2. What To Get Your Wife This Christmas 
  3. 5 Most Popular Board Games Your Teenager Will Love
  4. Christmas Shopping Tips For Moms
  5. Must-Have Christmas Gifts For Busy Moms 
  6. The Perfect Christmas Present For The Family Bookworm

8) Blogging & Blog-Related Advice Bloggers

Personal finance blogs also help readers increase revenue by building their own businesses. So content on how your audience can utilize Christmas blog post ideas on their websites and blogs is really helpful. A business blog can make the business stand out among all others. A few topics you can explore are:

  1. How To Grow Your Business?
  2. Using Christmas Themed Social Media Posts To Get Customers
  3. Marketing Your Products On Pinterest 
  4. How To Use Seasonal Branding Strategies To Grow Your Business
  5. Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business This Holiday Season
  6. Top 10 Smart Money Tips For Christmas
  7. Top Three Things Not To Spend Money On This Holiday Season
  8. How To Get Your Budget Back On Track After Christmas
  9. Top Tips On How To Get Customers Back On The Shopping Track After Christmas
  10. Can You Save With Online Christmas Shopping
  11. Financial Resolutions For The New Year
  12. The Best Financial Advice To Avoid Christmas Debt 
  13.  How Can You Save Money While Hosting Your Family Christmas Bash
  14. 10 Top Tips To Avoid A Financial Hangover This Christmas
  15. Get Your Finances Back On Track for 2022

Christmas is an expensive time for many, and in my experience, people are continuously looking for ideas on how to spend less.

As the holiday season draws close, newspaper and television adverts start encouraging us to ‘shop till we drop.’ As a result, most of us cannot resist the temptation and end up with a large bill on the credit card as we welcome in the new year. 

Writing blog posts about how to avoid that will resonate with many readers.

Some topics for Christmas blog ideas related to finance are:

  1. How To Set Your Christmas Budget And Stick To It
  2. The Christmas Guide For The Frugal Shopper
  3. Perfect Under $50 Christmas Gifts For Everyone 
  4. How To Find The Best Christmas Sales
  5. 30 Top Tips To Save On Everything This Christmas

In addition to finance-related topics, blogging about lifestyle choices or Christmas-related topics can also get traffic to your website. The following holiday blog ideas can have very interesting content: 

  1. Reflecting on 2021
  2. 10 Best Movies For Christmas Holidays
  3. What To Add To Your New Year’s Resolutions
  4. My Favorite Christmas Gifts This Season
  5. How To Beat Your Festive Blues
  6. How To Give Back This Holiday Season


At the end of the day, there are a lot of holiday blog ideas you can choose from. But when it comes to seasonal blog posts a mistake many bloggers make is treating them like they’re spam or filler content. If you go into it with the approach that this is simply any easy way to get content on your blog, without caring about what the content is you’ll do more harm than good.

Each post on your blog matters because they all represent your brand and identity. On the other end of the spectrum, you have people who overplay the ‘holiday post’ card. It’s easy to do if you love the holiday season!

Remember, you aren’t running a Christmas blog. Just because we’ve listed 25 Christmas blog post ideas per niche doesn’t mean you need to include all or even most of them. If anything, stick to 2 or 3 at most. 

Unless you’re a Christmas blogger, five posts are too many. These lists are meant to give you options so you can pick the type of post that fits best with your voice and content. Stick to ideas that fit well with your existing content, and don’t try to force a Christmas post into the mix just for the sake of it.

When done right, your holiday post idea will target your audience so well; that they’ll want to check out your other posts as well. In fact, you know you’ve done something right when you can strategically place inbound links to other top-ranking posts with the article. Monitor your analytics in real time to figure out what works best for your blog.

Then keep tweaking it unless you perfect your strategy and have a tried and tested one-a-year card to pull useful traffic. Now that you know what to do – don’t waste time. Get started and plan your Christmas blog posts in advance!

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