7 Secret Actionable Tips To Write A Successful eBook

Ebook writing tips don’t need to be complex or unachievable. Let’s demystify the nitty-gritty of how to write an eBook effectively. Read on for my top 7 actionable tips to begin today and successfully create and sell your eBook.

Ever thought about writing an eBook to create a continuous stream of passive income? Taking a great idea and transforming it into a digital product will help your readers solve a problem and create a nice side hustle for you to boot.

What Is An Ebook?

An electronic book or eBook is simply a book displayed in its digital form instead of as a physical copy. After all, every reader is searching for the content, not necessarily the format it comes in.

EBooks can be read on laptops, PCs, e-readers, tablets, or smartphones. Readers can flick through the digital pages just as you would a regular physical book. Navigation is made easy, and the author can even embed clickable links within the eBook to add engagement to additional material online.

The very nature of an eBook means as soon as you make the purchase it’s immediately available to read. It’s also all stored neatly (digitally) away on your device and you can take it with you and read on-the-go whenever you like. The fantastic portability paired with the fact it’s a digital file (no physical storage space needed!) are the great advantages of opting for an eBook.

Write and plan your first ebook with 7 actionable tips to help you plan, write and self publish an eBook with less stress.

How Do You Create and Write An eBook?


To combine your ideas and information you have, create a mind map of your eBook.

Start simply.

It gives you instant visual clarity and helps you structure your eBook no matter what your topic is.

Write and plan your first ebook with 7 actionable tips to help you plan, write and self publish an eBook with less stress.

When you can see at a glance, your chapters bullet-pointed visually for you to refer to, it creates visual coherence and helps you to move forward much faster. This underrated step will help you with a productive framework you can keep adding to as you progress, making it so much easier to reach your writing goals. 

For more information on creating a mind map, take a look at Turn Your Skill into an eBook so that you can focus on implementation today; it has more ebook writing tips to get you started.

There are so many different types of visually mapping out your eBook. Here are some that work well to organize, sort, and clarify any eBook outline. 

Tips for successful mind map creation: 

  • Write the main topic in the center. 
  • Create branches off the main topic to brainstorm ideas.
  • Use either hand-drawn on paper (I preferred this method) or digital online mind mapping.  
  • Use images as well as categories, chapters, subcategories, or characters.  
  • Color code everything for easy identification.  
  • List keywords for everything to help with clarity as well as SEO.  
  • Add every idea you have. If in doubt, add it! It will help with the creative flow. 
  • Rearrange, add-to, remove. Edit as you go—day by day. 
  • Trust in the law of persistence. Everything comes to those who persist. 

Ebook Writing Tip | Ask Your Audience 


If you already have an audience or readership, create a poll and beta test title ideas or topic ideas to gain insight into what they want to read about, in contrast to what you think they want to read about. 

Discover how to take an idea for an eBook then plan and write it this year! 7 top secrets and eBook writing tips to get you started today!

Reward your readers as an incentive to get their honest feedback, create a freebie, or opt-in with valuable information they want. This information you gather is essential to your research; you must show gratitude and value to your audience by giving something they will appreciate and value.

5 Tips to Ask the Right Questions in Your Audience Poll 

  1. Ask the right questions – give plenty of choices. 
  2. Poll them where they hang out most – e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, or YouTube. 
  3. Make it as rewarding as possible to your audience, and offer a free incentive if they do decide to fill out the survey. 
  4. Avoid Polar Questions with one or two answers only – Yes and No. 
  5. Don’t assume you know who your audience is. Help craft your eBook and niche by finding out if your audience is at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. 

Ebook Writing Tip | Solve Problems


After researching your topic and finding your niche, think about what problems your potential readers are struggling with today.

Look at the top 10 Researching and Validating Your eBook Topic earlier and search for problems and pain points your potential readers are having in your niche.

Discover how to take an idea for an eBook then plan and write it this year! 7 top secrets and eBook writing tips to get you started today!

Knowing this vital information can help with chapter and content choice as well as ranking higher. 

Look at your niche and ask questions that will help you form exciting chapters in your eBook that answer your audience.

Questions To Ask Your Audience On Niche Pain Points

  • What is the biggest challenge in {Your Niche} you face?
  • What are the main barriers you find to move forward with {Your Niche}?
  • In my recent research, I have found that {Example 1} and {Example 2} have worked to solve {Your Niche} problems. Have you found this has worked for you?
  • Looking at {Example 1}, how do you feel about this solution to {Your Niche} struggles?
  • Looking at {Example 2}, how do you feel about this solution to {Your Niche} struggles?
  • How would you feel if {Example 1} in {Your Niche} was not carried out at all?
  • What would be the most significant personal win if I had a solution for {Your Niche Struggle/Pain Point}?
  • Looking at your biggest struggle in {Your Niche}, how would it benefit you to find a solution today?

Ebook Writing Tip | Craft A Winning Headline


Your headline will be the first contact your audience has with you and what you want to share with them.

Make it memorable!

Below are five great tools to help you craft the perfect headline.

Write and plan your first ebook with 7 actionable tips to help you plan, write and self publish an eBook with less stress.
  1. IsItWp – A free tool to help you write the best headlines 
  1. Sharethrough Headline Analyzer A free tool for writing headlines, targeting a variety of areas such as marketing, advertising, and blogging. 
  1. Coshedule Headline Analyzer – A free tool to help craft the best headline for you   
  1. Answer The Public – A free tool that can help to create a headline showing 100’s of ideas based on a single keyword.  
  1. Headline analyzer by Capitalize My Title – A free tool to create a winning headline and get scores and ways to boost SEO  

Ebook Writing Tip | Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome


Shiny Object Syndrome can be overwhelming.

No sooner than you start an exciting new project, SOS rears its ugly head and tempts you away, stopping you from completion

There is a way to manage SOS. And it’s easier than you think.

Write and plan your first ebook with 7 actionable tips to help you plan, write and self publish an eBook with less stress.

Following on from Secret #5 Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome in 7 Secrets to Planning and Writing Your First eBook Without Making Rookie Mistakes, you can also implement the following three ideas. 

The 72 Hour Project 

A well-researched concept explores the idea that unless a project is started and implemented within 72 hours (about three days), it rarely gets off the ground.  

No More FOMO 

Lack of focus can be disastrous for finishing your eBook. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) can be frustrating as you alter your goals based on comparing yourself to others and their success. Focus on the now and what is vital to your progress. When you stop comparing and start believing in yourself, that is the turning point when you will begin soaring. 

Say No 

Make a pact with yourself that you will say no to all new projects until your ebook is completed. This new goal will shape your plan and give a fresh perspective to your day. Saying no can feel so liberating and take your attention away from SOS and FOMO. Make your focus solely on finishing your eBook. As ebook writing tips go, this may be the most impactful tip to propel you forward, as by saying no, you won’t have those roadblocks in your way.

Ebook Writing Tip | Keyword Research


You want to rank highly on Google for your niche.

All the hard work in finding keywords and critical phrases has given you a dynamic list you can use through your SEO.

You can also find out what your competitors are using to ensure their place on the first page of Google, Bing, and other search engines in this simple way: 

Write and plan your first ebook with 7 actionable tips to help you plan, write and self publish an eBook with less stress.

Tip To Find Out What Keywords Your Main Competitors Are Using 

  1. Go to your competitor’s website, place your mouse or cursor on their website 
  2. On a PC, right-click and select “View Page Source.” 
  3. On a Mac, right-click and select “View Page Source.” 
  4. Then on a PC, use “Control+F.”  
  5. Or on a Mac “Command+F” 
  6. Search for “meta.” 
  7. Look for any text that contains “meta description.” 

Ebook Writing Tip | Broadcast Live


Host live events to engage your readers, connect and share ideas and inspiration as well as behind-the-scenes tips and tricks.


Write and plan your first ebook with 7 actionable tips to help you plan, write and self publish an eBook with less stress.

A great way to promote your new eBook is to promote by hosting live events. 

Host A Facebook Live 

If you know your readers hang out on Facebook, invite them to snag a glimpse of your new eBook on your Facebook live.

It’s Free and interactive and allows you to answer questions and give insight to the contents of your new eBook. Taking your readers behind the scenes and sharing your struggles and aspirations for your new eBook creates an incredible connection.  

You can create a private group or host a live event on your Facebook page. A great way to have an informal chat with your readers (and potential readers) to answer questions and even give away free copies of your eBook. 

Host A Webinar 

Traditionally webinars go hand in hand with e-course promotion. By hosting a webinar to talk about your new eBook launch, you create an ideal way to connect with your readers and chat informally about the nitty-gritty of your new eBook’s contents.  

Invite followers on social media, email subscribers, bloggers, and influencers to attend. Make it fun and informative and reach out to your audience. By showing support, you can incentivize the webinar audience by offering free copies of your eBook and showing up to thank your audience for taking the time to join your live webinar. 

Conclusion on Tips for eBook Writing

Maybe you have been working hard to focus on your passion but were unsure how to share it with the world and help others. That’s where crafting an eBook could be the perfect solution. By following the eBook writing tips in this post, you could start today and share your expertise with the world within a helpful eBook.

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