Top Four Online Tools for Your Blog in 2021

According to Hosting Tribunal, “There are more than 500 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites worldwide.” If you have a blog and want to increase readership, you can take some simple steps to improve the content you create and how readers can find your site.

Consider the following top online tools to help increase traffic to your blog in 2021. 

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1. Google Search Console 

Blog optimization is a critical factor in organically increasing the online ranking of your site. You can use the Google Search Console tool to identify the number of indexed pages if there are crawling issues with your site, 404-page errors, site security issues, and the performance level on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

The best part of Google Search Console is that this tool is free, yet it provides a wealth of information to you so you can optimize your site–and improve ranking and site traffic. By identifying pages with 404 errors (standard HTTP status code that your page isn’t found), you can fix those errors for an optimized user experience. Those 404 errors decrease the quality of your site and deliver a negative experience for the user. 

If your site pages are not indexed correctly, there will be Google crawling errors. Some ways to ensure that your pages are crawled correctly include not using Flash, AJAX, or comprehensive JavaScript menus. You can use Google Search Console to ascertain the performance level and traffic of your site. Additionally, this online tool for your blog can help you fix the technical coding issues mentioned above so that your site performs optimally in Google search engine results. 

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2. Google Analytics 

This is another free tool created by Google and is different than Google Search Console. You can accurately measure the amount of traffic your site is getting simply by adding the site-specific code onto your blog and then logging in to Google Analytics to start navigating this tool to learn more about enhancing your site. 

You can get reports on real-time data, audience demographics, traffic acquisition, user behavior, and conversion rates. There is invaluable information you can learn about your audiences like the number of active users, the beta version of their Lifetime Value, the beta version of Cohort Analysis, and specified demographics like interests, geographical location, and their behavior on the site. 

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3. Google Trends 

It’s important to write blog content that meets the needs of what people are searching for online. Sure, you can write whatever you want and optimize that content with the right keywords. However, if you’re going to make a significant impact online and increase site traffic, consider using the Google Trends online tool

With this tool, you gain an insight into real-time data to gauge the user interest in specific topics they’ve been searching online–including geographic demographics for various regions and countries. Again, as with all the Google online tools mentioned, this Google Trends tool is free. Take advantage of this free tool and find the most popular topics to write about for your blog to expand your readership base. 

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4. Uber Suggest 

Keyword research tools are essential when creating optimized blog content. However, popular tools like SEMrush are available for a fee, starting at £71 UK pounds or $99.95 US dollars per month. Alternatively, you may favor Ahrevs, another powerful SEO tool, starting at £71 UK pounds or $99 US dollars per month. If You don’t have that in your budget, consider using the free keyword research tool UberSuggest, created by a well-known, highly successful marketer, Neil Patel. 

Keywords are essential when optimizing your content. However, you need to also focus on integrating long-tail keywords into your content. These are longer words or phrases that don’t generally receive the same amount of traffic as main keywords get. Yet, the conversion rates for sales, email subscribers, and calls-to-action (CTAs) are higher for these long-tail keywords since they are more specifically tailored to your content. 

The Uber Suggest online tool is user-friendly, and you can quickly identify a wide variety of long-tail keywords in only a few minutes. You can also use this tool to determine search volume, pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CPC), and richness of Keywords for SEO. Use this tool to create blog content rich in the correct number of keywords and long-tail keywords to increase your site’s online ranking and boost organic traffic to connect with readers who want your blog content.   

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Start Boosting Traffic Today 

Don’t waste another minute on useless activities that are not advancing your online blog ranking and improving your conversion rates. When you start using even one of these online tools for your blog, you should see a difference in the traffic to your site. If you decide to use all these tools, you should boost site traffic even more quickly. 

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