Why Write An eBook?(7 Top Benefits) 

Have you ever wanted to write an ebook for your small business? Here are 7 top benefits you can look at today as a creative entrepreneur. | My Family Ties

Thinking of writing an eBook? Not sure of the benefits if you do put pen to paper? There are many reasons you may want to write and promote an eBook.

Sharing a skill or hobby could enhance your brand or business and even take you in another direction to explore a new career as an educator.

This guide delves into seven areas that are top of the list when you are at the start of your journey to becoming an author and how they can help you move forward.

To Gain Followers 

If you have a blog or website and are growing your social media platforms, writing and publishing an eBook is an ideal way to increase your following.

Not only can you grow your social following, but you can also write content for them by connecting with what they want to read about. Increasing your followers may be important to you, essential even, to be able to offer valuable information that they want to read about.

Never discount any feedback followers give you; read and devour it. Take notes, add to those notes.

This is incredibly useful to refine and add to your eBook; suggestions, knowledge, and critique can help you really refine your work and tailor it specifically to the wants and needs of your audience, your following.  

To Reach a Wider Audience 

Your eBook can be sold globally and enjoyed by people all over the world, which is pretty amazing.

You may have written your eBook and sold it on your website previously. By adding it to a platform such as Amazon Kindle, you can reach a much wider audience, gain loyal readers, and continue to earn a passive income from your eBook.  

To Promote Your Blog, Brand, or Website 

Adding your eBook to your blog or website is an ideal way to promote your brand or business.

By selling your eBook directly to your subscribers or inserting a link for your Amazon Kindle listing, you can direct your subscribers to your eBook to purchase.

Linking your logo and incorporating it into your ebook graphics is a great way to create cohesion between your brand and your eBook products.

Not only are you creating a passive income stream from your eBook, but you are also able to promote your business (blog or website) at the same time using a strong brand identity.  

7 top benefits to writing an eBook for a passive income today | My Family Ties

To Share Your Knowledge or Expertise


7 top tips for small business owners and creative entrepreneurs to write an ebook | My Family Ties

Your skill or expertise will resonate with many readers around the world. Yes, really!

If you have a passion or skill, no matter how obscure, there will be plenty of eager readers out there who are waiting for an eBook on that subject.

Not an expert yet? Don’t worry; by researching your subject, you can become an expert and share your own unique take on it.

Every day potential readers are searching for solutions to their own niche problems; by writing an eBook on your skill, you are creating just the eBook they are looking for.

Never underestimate how valuable your expertise is to a potential reader.

You may be an authority on scuba diving, soap making, or caring for horses, and that knowledge with solutions to common problems is invaluable.

To Solve A Problem 

With so many niche subjects available, there are plenty of genres to write about. How to start? Begin by identifying what problems they have and how you can write about the solutions to overcome these hurdles. 

Many book titles will begin with ‘how to…’ because we all look for solutions to our daily problems. Look at your expertise and break down any difficulties or problems you have encountered.

Chances are you are not alone, and many others are searching for solutions to those very same problems. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘There are Riches in the Niches’? 

It’s a phrase that’s often used in the marketing world, that instead of focusing on the general market to sell your product to, you specialize and in a niche.

By narrowing your focus, you can reach the audience, which resonates with the problem and solution you are writing about. 

To Build Your Authority 

Running a brand or website may be the core of your business, but elevating it to build authority can be achieved by writing and publishing your own eBooks.

Perhaps your business is life coaching; by writing a guide to life coaching, you can create a product (your eBook) to sell on your website and utilize it to promote your business by speaking at conferences.

Not only will it cement your knowledge sharing it via an eBook will help you gain credibility and offer you another way to gain new clients.

Put yourself in your readers’ shoes; you started somewhere, searching for the answers to problems.

You can relate to them, and by building this connection and sharing your expert knowledge, you can also genuinely build your authority.  

To Gain Subscribers 

Gaining loyal subscribers interested in your brand can help you grow as an author, help promote your products, and generate even more interesting topics to write further eBooks about.

You can embed your website or blog link within your eBook to allow your reader to subscribe to your newsletter.

Adding an opt-in free downloadable product in-line with your eBook topic is a great way to reward your reader for their loyalty.

Once you have a list of subscribers, big or small, you can connect with your audience and ask questions, such as what niche subjects within your expertise they would like to know more about.

Using a platform such as Survey Monkey would be ideal for this, and you would gain so much useful information on what your audience wants to read about.

You can create a further free download to thank them for sharing ideas. 

They are giving you vital information on what their stumbling blocks are – make sure you reward them!

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